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Multibox is committed to becoming the world’s lowest cost producer of insects from vegetable crop and vegetable manufacturing waste. At maturity the insects are processed into fish or animal feed and a number of grades of fertiliser.

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Our tiny army, bred in our state of the art insect farms, are fed on farm and food waste which otherwise would end up at landfill. Based in the UK, the Multibox team treats our herd with care where bio-security is at the heart of our operations.



Aquaculture was the fastest growing form of agriculture in 2016. Currently the industry relies on unsustainable sources of fish feed. Multibox aims to provide an alternative; a sustainable protein rich insect meal.



Our team is looking for investors to help Multibox and our partners move to a scalable pilot and then full production. We would encourage you to make contact.

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What We Do



Multibox will adhere to the ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000 in order to deliver best business practice, environmental performance and regulatory compliance across our entire value chain.

Recycling your Waste

Our herds are fed on vegetable crop and manufacturing waste that would otherwise go to landfill. We re-purpose the waste in order to provide our micro-herds with an optimal high protein, high fat diet.


Our team includes partners who own working insect farms, employees with the necessary waste procurement, facilities and process plant management skills as well as feed sales experts.


Reared with love, by the end of 2018 we will have commercialised insect production at our prototype facility. The Multibox team treats our herd with care where bio-security is at the heart of our operations.

Cost-Leadership Model

Our aim is to be the lowest cost producer selling into a commodity market. We should therefore be the most profitable and robust player in the sector able to exploit other opportunities.

Efficient Processes

We will monitor our entire value chain from waste source to fish breeder using cameras, sensors, radio tags and our ERP system to ensure we are operating at peak efficiency round the clock.

Research & Development

We’ve partnered up with Europe’s finest and brightest to enter new geographies with our proven insect technology and deliver market lead insect research to commercialise new verticals.

High Nutritional Content

Our processed insect meal will be packed full of nutrient rich proteins, high levels of Omega 3 and 6 and best of all, lots of useful fats and lipids; perfect for the aquaculture industry.

Insect meal as a feed component

Fed from waste products and processed at our facility, insect protein is an excellent replacement for fish protein in aqua feed, as it has a similar nutrient value, without the cost to the environment. The oils can be used in other animal feeds and the frass can be used as fertiliser.

  • Protein 55%
  • Oil 30%
  • Ash 8%
  • Moisture 7%

Our Founders

Paul Wright

Managing Director
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Paul has previously worked at The Boeing Company & the NHS. He’s a graduate of the University of Lincoln, a subject-matter expert in sourcing waste, Lean+ solutions and a big advocate for sustainable and renewable technologies.

James Wright

Director – Value Creation
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James is a 1st generation farmer based in Bath who built up his own farm business from scratch. He is also a graduate of the Royal Agricultural University. A larger than life character with an excellent agricultural network and sales track record.

Andrew Wright

Director – Value Assurance
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Andrew has a Masters from Oxford, an MBA from Cass Business School & was the Managing Director for Noble Energy Europe. His global expertise in oil field development makes him an ideal fit for the project delivery and production assurance aspects of our operations.

Associate projects and press


Farm 491, from the Royal Agricultural University, is a space for innovators to grow their businesses by applying technology to agriculture. Our offices are based here and we are surrounded by like minded innovators, progressive agriculture and bio-tech companies.


Multibox was featured on the “Farming Today” programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4. In this series they discussed the future of careers in Agriculture. As a pioneer of the Circular Economy, Multibox sees itself being a future employer for a vast number of subject-matter experts in the Agri-Bio Technology Industry.

Why We Do It

We create alternative animal feeds to reduce dependency on fishmeal, soybean, corn & wheat products.

That means less water consumption, less deforestation, more bio-diversity & less agri-chemical use globally.

9.5 Billion by 2050

The world population will be 9.5 billion by 2050. Without a rapid change in the way we manage our waste and food production many will starve and the environment will be irrevocably damaged.

Great things have small beginnings

Deforestation is happening at an ever increasing rate with 48 football fields of rainforest lost every minute. Much of this rainforest is removed by farmers hoping to grow soybean, used predominately in the animal feed industry. The same pillage of the shared environment is happening in our oceans and we intend to reduce it.

Let's start at Home

In 2013, in the UK, 15.1 million tonnes of food and drink was wasted; around 25% of the total food produced. We use this waste stream to feed our micro-herds to produce commercial and sustainable products.

Ready to Join our Project?

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If you are a  bio-tech investor looking to get in on ground floor terms in an insect farming venture then we would like to meet with you to go through our investor presentation.

Potential Investor – Get in touch. 

Waste Supplier

If you are looking to find better waste routes for your business and have high protein, high fat waste which could be used as insect feeds then we would like to meet with you. We are looking for waste such as cereals, roots, tubers, oil seeds, pulses, fruit and vegetables and much more.

Waste Producer – Get in touch.

Insect Farmer or Entomologist

If you are an existing insect farmer looking to consult, share or license your technology or an entomologist interested in being involved in an insect feed company then we would like to meet with you.

Subject Matter Expert – Get in touch.

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